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I am a Professor of Telecommunications at Ball State University. I teach a variety of courses within the department and for other departments within the College of Communication, Information and Media. You can find out about the department at the TCOM website. My vita can be accessed through a link below.



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Ball State University 

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Fulbright Ambassador


About Me

My Vita

Assisting Student Fulbright Applicants

Fulbright Program Adviser


Courses I teach or have taught:

TCOM 284

TCOM 306

TCOM 346

TCOM 384

TCOM 408

TCOM 444

TCOM 487

TCOM 601

TCOM 610


ICS 642


NEWS 109

NEWS 409


In Fall Semester, 2002, I had the great privilege of being a visiting professor for AHA International in Macerata, Italy. I returned in Spring Semester 2008. In 2014 I took Ball State TCOM students there for a field study.

In Summer 2005 I was a visiting professor with KIIS in Rome and Florence.

I was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Athens, Greece in spring 2009.

My blog of those trips with journal entries and photos is available online.

I am also extremely proud to have been selected as a Virginia Ball Center Fellow for the Spring Semester, 2002. We produced a series of programs on Freedom of Expression in the 21st Century.

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